Match TABC files to your database electronically.

No longer do you have to match TABC list manually with your list of businesses. This is all done electronically.
For that are not a direct match it will list locations with partial matching data from which you can select the business or add it as a new business.

For businesses with more than one permit they can now all be listed on the same invoice. Permit(s) can be created immediately to be included with the receipt. Separate table for licenses with renewal timing and fee that is editable locally.


No longer does your staff have to calculate renewal dates or fees manually. Invoices and payments are processed electronically improving the accuracy in less time than with a manual process. Using BWL takes less time to process licenses shortening the time your customer must wait and your staff takes to process payments. With BWL your staff has more time to do other tasks. The reports and search function make balancing and answering questions easier and quicker.

Our Features

• Download TABC file and match list to your database electronically
• Customer data editable
• Creates one invoice listing all licenses and fees
• Allows for variable renewal periods
• Generates the appropriate permit(s)
• Reports for review and balancing
• Interfaces with SMIGL
• Process invoices and payments quicker
• Standalone program with separate data base