Spindlemedia does not limit with whom our customers have relationships on their payment collection systems.
Currently we work with three third party vendors who accept on-line electronic payments, IVR, CSR, and/or counter credit cards.  These payments can both be released and posted manually from the third party log sheet or can be posted automatically through our TaxClient.
SMI is not limited by technology as to what third party systems with which it can communicate. This facility also allows mortgage companies to do research on accounts eliminating the need for tax office staff to do the mortgage company’s research.


Forte Payment Systems is a leading provider of innovative electronic payments solutions. They offer scalable enterprise-class solutions through an optimized suite of services including credit card processing, ACH/eCheck origination, and fraud prevention. Forte serves organizations of all sizes by reducing transaction costs, mitigating risk, and increasing efficiencies with consistent care.


Certified Payments offers free transaction processing for government agencies in a convenience fee environment with real time reporting. Transactions can be processed over the internet or a variety of other ways depending on the circumstances. All services provided By Certified Payments are “free” to the government agencies.


Govolution’s Velocity Payment System for Government expands payment options for citizens while streamlining your organization’s revenue collection and reconciliation processes. Velocity is a secure, modular tool that can reduce transaction fees and expand citizen access to government services through 24-hour payment self-service web payments, IVR, and electronic bill presentment.

RT Lawrence Corporation is a total payment processing provider specializing in In-House Remittance Solutions, Outsource Payment Processing Services and Electronic Payment Processing Solutions.  Our E-Payment Division (PayChannel) provides a full suite of credit card processing solutions which includes a web solution, IVR solution, front counter solutions and a robust kiosk/tablet solution.


J.P. Morgan Government Banking provides state, county and municipal government entities with access to financial and operational solutions that can maximize tax dollars, improve service levels and reduce the cost of meeting public commitments.

As dedicated government experts focused solely on the unique challenges of government, we help clients optimize tax and fee collection, automate document management, disburse public funds and finance initiatives that improve the quality of life for constituents.

Decades of serving government entities across the U.S. provides us with a unique, first-hand understanding of the challenges that government clients encounter and enables us to provide tailored solutions that provide measurable long-term benefits.


Autoagenttm is a FREE web-based property tax collection portal designed to simplify escrow and bulk property tax processing and payments from mortgage lenders, tax services, property managers and large private payers. Our guarantee to Tax Collectors across the USA is that we will eliminate refunds, errors, requests from lenders and will simplify your tax collection process.