The Total Accounting Package

Accuracy, Timeliness and Efficiency are all important factors to be considered in a tax office accounting system. SMIGL was created specifically for the Texas Tax Assessor/Collector to meet these three factors. Many of the accounting software applications used by tax offices today are “home grown” adaptations of QuickBooks™ or other general accounting software products. SMIGL takes into account those processes used in the tax office and provides and accurate accounting of receivables, payments, and refunds without re-entering any data, use of spreadsheets, or manual processing.

In today’s climate, tax collection agencies are expected to increase revenue twice: through collections and through increased efficiency. SMI General Ledger (SMIGL) improves the accuracy of the financial reporting by eliminating entering data more than once, less time to have an accurate report for tracking the business and providing a higher level of security with positive pay for your disbursements.

SMIGL is a double-entry accounting system that allows full and easy searching. It is a true financial reporting solution with centralized functionality and increased productivity for personnel.

Our Features

• IN SMIGL, the tax collection and disbursement process does not require re-entering data into a general ledger and vice versa
• Accounting information is imported directly from TaxOffice 3.0 or your tax collection software and will distribute funds to your entities by either ACH or check
• With as few as two reports, you can balance your receipts and disbursements
• SMIGL is fully integrated with SMI’s TaxOffice 3.0; VIT; Beer, Wine, Liquor, Motor Vehicle and BankRec as well
• SMIGL has a complete chart of accounts based upon the unique requirements of your tax office, eliminating the need to create a separate chart of accounts

SMIGL offers robust search functions that are simple to use. With just one click of the mouse, you can track a check from general ledger to the individual account detail. Internal research has never been simpler and quicker. And it is easier to allow your external entities to search as well, thanks to SMIGL’s simplified internet upload interface and report distribution. Your entities will have the ability perform their own look-ups and inquiries, saving your staff time.

Protecting funds and preventing fraud is an important element of the agency’s responsibility. SMIGL includes Positive Pay for checks. The Positive Pay report is sent to the bank and lists not only the amount of your checks but also the “Pay to the Order of”. When a Positive Pay check is presented at the bank they can conrm the amount and the “Pay to the Order of.” This greatly reduces the opportunity for fraud.