SMI offers a suite of solutions designed specifically for the local Texas Tax Assessor/Collector.

Our intuitive modules save your agency significant time and money, and work together seamlessly to automate the most complex tax collection processes.

We specialize in tax office automation designed specifically for the Texas Tax Assessor/Collector’s office. Our solutions combine the latest technology with strong domain expertise, to automate your office processes for reduced operational cost and improved accuracy. We enable your agency to meet budgetary and regulatory challenges while exceeding the service expectations of taxpayers and entities.

Features Advantages and Benefits
• Exceptional Search Functionality

With TaxOffice 3.0 users can search account information quickly and thoroughly, saving you time. Search by account number, name, address, mortgage number, suit number, owner ID, and connect multiple accounts to multiple entities. Print from a status screen at any time.

• Taking Payments

By using the Super Pay, Fast Pay or Quick Pay, a clerk can take and enter a single payment with two clicks of the mouse or a payment for multiple accounts without looking up each account. If the tax office uses a third party software to scan checks and coupons received by mail, you can post electronically to the correct account depositing money quicker and paying the entities sooner.

• Image Capture and Storage

ImageWorks allows you to digitally record hard copies of notes, checks and documents, and store on individual accounts for future review. Documents can be attached from a scanner directly to an account. Use bar codes or OCR to process payment data electronically as well. You can view and print images when you need the record to answer a question or to determine a date or an amount.

• Accept Electronic Payments

With TaxOffice 3.0, accept electronic payments directly from taxpayer via the web or from a third party processor. Taxpayers can use E-check or a credit card via secure internet, and the tax ofce receives payment the next day. Payments can post electronically or manually directly to the taxpayer’s account with accuracy and timeliness.

• Legislative Updates

SMI updates the software in a timely manner to coincide with the legislative changes to the tax code immediately following the signing of the legislation. These updates are added to the software and installed at all customers so their applications reflect the recent changes in a timely manner. As part of our maintenance agreement, SMI also shares updates that other customers request that we believe all customers will value.

• Disbursement of Funds

Using CheckWriter and a secure ACH internet connection, funds can be disbursed directly to entity bank accounts without creating and mailing checks. Deposit funds faster, pay refunds, make state comptroller payments, and pay attorney collection fess electronically and securely.

• Reports on Demand

No more waiting for “the nightly run:” get collection, disbursement or entity reports in real time. Report Manager and Entity Report Manager offer more than 200 customizable reports.

• Balancing

Daily, month and year end balancing is made easier with the multitude of reports listing the required data. You can balance by individual person; by credit cards, checks and cash; by office; and by a number of other breakouts. Balancing made easy allows for a successful transition from month to month and year to year.